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More than "Just Service"
Prior to becoming a DJ - Jeff taught Dance and Guitar & worked 4 years as a banquet supervisor for Hilton Hotels. Since 1986 Jeff has spent countless hours perfecting his "art". “This is my career - not a weekend record party”. Years of experience, and genuine talent give him the ability to do more than just play a few CD's. Considerable time & investment has been spent developing more options and flexibility. He has much more to offer than the average DJ. After entertaining over 3,500 events he's not challenged by special themes, special needs or spontaneous situations. ~~~~~~~ This makes DJ-Jeff unique ~~~~~~~

Planning before your celebration.
Remember - Music requests are only part of what Jeff does! A free no-obligation consultation comes with his services. During this consultation you can see exactly what he provides. Check out his Demo-Video. This video footage is from past events and was given to him by clients. See examples of the flexibilities & talents he provides. It's an honest & precise example of what he offers. A consultation is about leaving no stone unturned. He talks about your goals, wishes and dreams. And, understands exactly how to fold his talents, experience, equipment & services into the customized celebration you are looking for.
. . . Here's an example:
"if Jeff were a caterer you could choose from 500 buffets".
. . . Plus,
Your party will be a success before it starts & you'll have it in writing.

When this consultation is over you will have a written map of what you want. And, Yes - Please Do Ask!!!! Clients often look to Jeff's suggestions and expertise in itinerary, themes, coordinating, room diagrams, references & party planning tips.

When it comes to the music. For Jeff, that's the easy part. Over 60,000 songs are stored in a secure place. All CD's have been recorded on multiple computer hard drives. Jeff provides music by computer. 2 computers just in case one has a problem. And, Jeff has a battery back up. So, if there is a temporarily power outage NO PROBLEM!!!! The battery stops brief power outages from stopping the party. And, Jeff has generators too!!! So, weddings on the beach are even possible!!! (Oh, Yeah, if you want to bring your rare mix or special CD Jeff can play that too.)

During your event his flexibility is unlimited & tuned into your expectations. Having 60,000 songs is pointless if you don't have the knowledge and talent to play the right song at the right time. Jeff's past experience & thousands of events have given him the ability to provide music, which is entertaining, interactive and spontaneous. Your dance floor will be full! Your guests will have a great time! You'll get the music you wanted! And, Jeff will take your celebration to a desired level of excitement.

Jeff reaches far beyond just playing CD's to give you a more flexible service.
You can elect to have him handle the details of coordination and hosting at your event. It's easy for Jeff because of his experience and background. So, if you're looking for continuity, flow, flexibility or creativity - - - - - Jeff can't be beat. You can relax and have fun. Jeff is the cohesive glue that pulls your party together.

Jeff delivers the ultimate entertainment experience.
Whether it's "Laid back and letting the crowd set the pace:
- or -
acting as "Master of Ceremonies"
- or -
"Entertaining Spontaneously"
- or -
providing "Interactive Entertainment"
. . . It's his job is to keep the music interactive,
interesting & fun.

To Hire 1-Awesome-DJ
CALL (925) 778-3764
Check out my DEMO ( a-Video-from-past-events)

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~A Laborer~
Uses his hands

~A Craftsman~
Uses his hands
& his mind

~An Artist~
Uses his hands,
his mind & his heart
as gifts to positively
enhance the lives
of others.



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About Bidding or Quoting
- It's unfair TO YOU if other DJ's charge the same; YET, offer far less than Jeff !
...........If they are bidding less they are offering less! Does anybody want to lay cash on it?
That's why I have a video demo available. “Taste it before you buy it”.
I'm one of the best Entertainers available in California & I'll prove it if necessary. I will pay any one $100.00(for 2 hours of your time) if you can show me any one whom can match my services, skills, talent & equipment. All they have to do is pass a 75 question quiz. If any other DJ can pass my test I’ll increase your $100 to $1,000.00 if they pass each question on my comparison test at my office. And, I'll pay the DJ $50 if he can pass my comparison test too. Just think if I’m an idiot? I’ll have to pay you $1,050 to admit it.

Is the music important? -&- Are you serious about wanting a great DJ?
Very few people can define what makes them a Real-PRO.
Here's an article Jeff wrote, Before YOU hire a DJ.
HERE'S The Ultimate Comparison CHART
No amateur should survive this quiz without obviously lying to you.

2 Dell Computers - Yes my back-up is on duty.
3 External Hard Drives - Having the music backed up is of the utmost importance!!
1,000 Custom CD's are my 6th back up.
~ AND ~ if the power goes out. I keep the music going. I have more than just regular back-up.
Basically DJ-Jeff is indestructible. AND - With generators I can do weddings on the beach.
Top of the line sound system EAW - JBL - EV - Rane - Mackie - CROWN - QSC – Sennheiser & PCDJ.
Fabulous music collection - 68,000 songs and counting - second to NONE.
Lighting is available.
More Extra's are available. Experience & Talent gives Jeff the perfect Flexibility to entertain any:
Corporate function, Anniversary, Banquet, Retirement, Holiday or Theme Event, Birthday, Black & White Ball, Fundraiser, Reunion, Crab Feed, fraternity/sorority parties ~or~ Prom.
Basically any location, with a dance floor and people that want to dance, should consider checking out Jeff's Demo (video-of-past-events).

DEMO VIDEO available by appointment only!
Call Jeff (925) 778-3764

Traveling is a normal part of being a Full-Time Professional.
Most of Jeff's clients live in the following cities:
San Francisco, Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette.
Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Pittsburg, Antioch, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, Martinez, Vallejo, Vacaville, Benicia, Marin.
Danville, Alamo, Blackhawk, Diablo, Diablo Valley, San Ramon, Bishop Ranch, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, Hayward, Castro Valley.
San Jose, Redwood City, Mountain View, Milpitas, Daily City, Fremont.
Marin, Novato, Napa Valley, Napa, Sonoma, Vacaville, Fairfield. Mill Valley, San Rafael.
The Fast and Easy way to plan the perfect California Wedding!

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How to “STOP” Third party billing on your phone bill.
I have found ILD Teleservices does NOT have integrity.
In thousands of cases and multiple jurisdictions ILD Teleservices has
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ILD Teleservices has also been labeled as a "Crammer" by:
The Public Utilities Commission
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YET -- no government, state or consumer authority has been successful of shutting them down

THIS IS MY OFFICIAL COMPLAINT - ILD Teleservices has unscrupulously done the following:
- ILD Teleservices has charged $3.00 to $15.00 per minute for local and instate calls from pay phones.
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Pac Bell, AT&T, The Public Utilities Commission, The Federal Trade commission, Consumer Affairs, The PCC & The BBB also label ILD TeleServices &/or WeBSitesOnline (AKA WebsitesOnline) as a “Crammer”.
Pac Bell (And many other phone companies) do not completely stop ILD Teleservices from cramming. Many phone companies only stop a “single amount” from being billed to your phone account. And, in truth they profit from billing you for ILD TELESERVICES.

ILD Teleservices repeatedly Crammed (Billed me without approval) my phone bill over a period of several years on many occasions. And on many occasions I had instructed my phone company to take the charges off my phone. It was then ILD TELESERVICES went on the offensive and changed the amount being billed. Changing the amount started the process of me having to call Pacific Bell again to have it take off.
I have forced Pac Bell to reverse over $750.00 in crammed charges from ILD TELESERVICES.

Here's HOW I got my money back. AND, stopped the phone company from allowing it to ever happen again. THIS IS HOW I stopped ILD Teleservices from illegally billing me again in the future:
Finally I got tired of going through the above process. Did some research by Googling “ILD TELESERVICES”. This revealed ILD Teleservices has been sued many times by government agencies and individuals.
Realizing Pacific Bell was enforcing an illegal contract - I threatened to take Pac Bell to small claims court. I suspect Pac Bell was scared that my court action could start a class action lawsuit for allowing ILD TELESERVICES to continue their cramming & in effect enforcing “illegal contracts”.
Since then Pacific Bell, AT&T & SBC Global have never allowed ILD TELESERVICES to “third party bill” my telephone bill again. And, this reveals that Pacific bell could indeed prevent third party billing – but refused to admit it.

HOW ILD Teleservices CRAMS YOUR PHONE BILL: They call many small businesses (and individuals) asking you to “verify your information for a free listing on their website”. If you say the word "YES” as a response to any of the callers questions (about your company name or your name, ph# or website) they will use this as a binding contract for services to be billed on your telephone bill. They sneak this billing inside of your phone bill (as third party billing) as ILD TeleServices &/or Websites Online (AKA WebsitesOnline).
If you complain to Pac Bell, Pac Bell says ILD claims to have provided you voice mail &/or advertising services. Its hell to get ILD TeleServices &/or Websites Online (AKA WebSitesOnline) off of your phone bill & they resubmit under different amounts of charges for your phone bill ($1.24, $5.95, $8.40, $15.40, $18.50, $18.99, $19.00 & $19.50). This changing of amounts keeps phone companies from stopping the third party billing.
Beware that ILD TeleServices &/or WebSites Online (AKA WebsitesOnline) customer service ph#'s have been caught charging people $3.99 per minute to call customer service.

My belief is that if they are cramming at least 6,000 businesses &/or individuals in each of the 50 states for an average of $19.99 per month? This means they could “steal” about $6,000,000.00 ( Six MILLION) per month from unwary consumers. I'm curious to know what fees Pac Bell was charging for executing the third party billings???

#1) ~ Don't say, “Yes” to any one over the phone - unless you know the entity. They can steal that “yes” &/or trick you into repeating it. And convince your phone company that you are in a binding contract for services rendered.
#2) ~ Check your phone bill (right now) Look for “Billing Summary”.
---A--- If you see ILD Teleservices?? Call the phone company and demand they take this months and all prior charges off of your bill.
---B--- Start documenting your findings and results and keep this. Write down each time, date (and the person's name you talked to) when you call to complain to Pacific Bell.
---C--- If you did not agree to being billed for services from ILD Teleservices? BE ADAMENT - Tell them you are not aware of any binding agreement for any such service & they are not entitled to bill you.
---D--- If the first person says they can't? - Ask for their supervisor. Tell the supervisor you've been crammed. And “ILD Teleservices” has no right to charge you. This is an illegal contract.
---E--- If the supervisor refuses to refund your money? Ask for the address where to serve court papers. YEP! Tell the phone company you are going to sue them in small claims court. I'll bet that they back off and give your money back. Matter of fact they don’t want to tell a judge they are enforcing an illegal contract.
~~F~~ I did & it worked. SBC Pacific Bell put me on hold for over 40 minutes while they checked out my fine legal points. I'll bet they even called an attorney. Then Pac Bell refunded all of my money ~ every penny of it. Over $750.00.

P.S. If you have to back up your threat? – If your phone company says go ahead. I will gladly give you all of my REFERENCE NOTES & some of my time. I'll show you what to ask for. What to do. AND, how to “shove it” to your local phone company. AND, I'll bet you win!!!!!!!!!!! They can not enforce an illegal contract.

SCRIPTION: DJs San Francisco Bay Area Mobile DJ & MC. Music variety from classical wedding ceremony music to popular dance music entertainment for wedding receptions, events, corporate parties in Northern CA.

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