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How to hire a professional DJ

TAKE A CLOSER LOOK - Unlike a doctor, fireman or policeman, there is no definition or standard of what is professional in the entertainment industry. No professional degrees. No special certification or license. There are many large and new companies. Reading a crowd is nice. What's more important is talent.

DJ TALENT IS: The ability to prepare before the event in such a way that the client should feel like a guest at their own event. You must also present yourself in a way that it looks as if it's easy & fun. It takes several skills to do this & a quality DJ can do this
simultaneously and make it look easy. Plus, you must blend your presentation to the clients tastes and needs. Here's some of the skills a DJ must possess. The ability to Host an event into a smoothly flowing continuity, A sense of timing, Style and Variations of presentation, ~PLUS~ the ability to use your musical knowledge to achieve the results your client wants at any given event. Reading a crowd is nice. But, doing it effectively is the key. Picking that one song out of "81,000 top hits", at the right time, and using a song like a tool to make a crowd dance into a frenzy is a discernible skill. It's harder than it looks & remember, you can only play about 15 songs per hour.

DISTINCT KNOWLEDGE? It's probably not necessary to teach a dance or play a musical instrument at your event
- BUT - DJ's whom posses such skills have a distinct talent in understanding music. These DJ's naturally understand how to use music to motivate any crowd. The more familiar a DJ is with the dynamics of how music motivates people - the better off your party will be. Keep in mind that playing music is only part of the game - anybody can press a button. The better DJ's go far beyond the music to make your event happen. (( EXAMPLE - Carpenters use glue for one job, screws for the 2nd job and nails for the 3rd. All for specific reasons - " just like a DJ". ))

Getting a quote often does not get you the full picture. DJ's are like wines, most are cheap - but - there are a few exceptional ones out there. Having a quote does not accurately measure a DJ. What about credentials such as: Experience? Talent? Qualifications? References? Investment? Flexibility? Creativity? Peripheral services?

Comparing DJ's is like comparing a grape to a fine wine. If you're not careful you could pay a "premium wine price" for just a grape. So,
Be Careful! Booking agents and DJ companies often sell you on the experience or the ability of the people running the company (or how many years or event's they have completed) & NOT on the person actually entertaining your event. There's a good reason to call them employees or subcontractors. Hiring a cheap DJ and selling it to you at a premium price is the booking agent's mission. (Would you be happy to pay up to 75% commission to a booking agent or DJ company with only 25% of your payment trickling down to the entertainment?) Believe me, it happens more often than you probably guess. The success of your event should not be affected by some one else's profit margin.

Martha Stewart says, "The entertainment you choose for your wedding, or party, is responsible for 80% of the events success and the memories you will have for the rest of your life."
Entertainment sets the mood, ambiance and tempo of your event."
" " " " " " " will make or break 2-4 hours of your event.
" " " " " " " will likely be the most important purchase for your event.
" " " " " " " is what will leave the biggest impression on people after your event.
" " " " " " " will reflect on you ~ how much you care about your event & your guests.

People commonly fail to see that saving $200 to $500 is not worth sacrificing THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of their investments. Entertainment is the most important decision you'll make in planning your special event.
Entertainment represents you & Sets the mood, ambiance and tempo of your event & Creates memories for your guests.
. . . . . Entertainment makes or breaks 2-5 hours of any event.

Most Brides and Grooms would be unhappy if the party failed to achieve culmination. Yet, most fail to put time and effort into making sure they've made an educated decision. They often buy on impulse without thinking in these terms:
If your party: A) Stops being interesting or B) Doesn't have continuity or C) Looses its energy ~ your guests are likely to leave 1-2 hours early . . . . . . Is that what you paid for?

Any one can be a DJ, but not necessarily "everyone" has the ability to do it "extremely well". Before you hire any entertainment I suggest you personally meet at least 3 different entertainers.
Here are some tough & specific questions:
A) Is this your only occupation; are you a full time DJ? - - B) How Long Full Time?
2. What kind of skills and experience make you a quality DJ?
(How much did you invest in me?). - What's your equipment's retail worth?
4. Will you personally meet me to talk about what you can do for me? & Who will be the DJ at my event?
5. Is your style flexible? (Ask them to explain - Listen carefully -)
6. Can you host my event? . . . . How? - (Listen closely to their explanation).
7. What kind of extra's do you offer?
8. Did you pay a referral fee or marketing fee for me to be referred to you as a potential client?
9. Do you have references? (Get 6 references from events in the past 4months).

DID YOU NOTICE I skipped a common question? A Song List? Anybody can go to Tower Records and buy CD's. What makes a DJ special to you is the knowledge a DJ possesses in using the songs to motivate your guests.
If a DJ tries to hard to impress you with a song list & not enough with how to use it ~~ ASK YOURSELF ~~ IF, hiring this one is like allowing your 12 year old nephew to drive "Your" Ferrari.

10. Ask the DJ if they can "guarantee" the crowd will dance? - You might be surprised by what you hear.

Don't forget to get it all in writing. A contract is a must.

More questions? CHECK OUT MY
"DJ Comparison Chart"

Call for a Free Consultation & see why 97% of the people
who meet me and see my video demo hire me.

Remember - It's the Driver that wins the race, not the machine.
I never fail to pack the dance floor.©

Call me for a Free Consultation and see why 98% of the
people who meet me and see my video demo hire me.

To Hire 1-Awesome-DJ
CALL (925) 778-3764

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About Bidding or Quoting
- It's unfair TO YOU if other DJ's charge the same; YET, offer far less than Jeff !
...........If they are bidding less they are offering less! Does anybody want to lay cash on it?
That's why I have a video demo available. “Taste it before you buy it”.
I'm one of the best Entertainers available in California & I'll prove it if necessary. I will pay any one $100.00(for 2 hours of your time) if you can show me any one whom can match my services, skills, talent & equipment. All they have to do is pass a 75 question. If any other DJ can pass my test I’ll increase your $100 to $1,000.00 if they pass each question on my comparison test at my office. And, I'll pay the DJ $50 if he can pass my comparison test too. Just think if I’m an idiot? I’ll have to pay you $1,050 to admit it.

Is the music important? -&- Are you serious about wanting a great DJ?
Very few people can define what makes them a Real-PRO.
Here's an article Jeff wrote, Before YOU hire a DJ.
HERE'S The Ultimate Comparison CHART
No amateur should survive this quiz without obviously lying to you.

2 Dell Computers - Yes my back-up is on duty.
3 External Hard Drives - Having the music backed up is of the utmost importance!!
1,000 Custom CD's are my 6th back up.
~ AND ~ if the power goes out. I keep the music going. I have more than just regular back-up.
Basically DJ-Jeff is indestructible. AND - With generators I can do weddings on the beach.
Top of the line sound system EAW - JBL - EV - Rane - Mackie - CROWN - QSC – Sennheiser & PCDJ.
Fabulous music collection - 68,000 songs and counting - second to NONE.
Lighting is available.
More Extra's are available. Experience & Talent gives Jeff the perfect Flexibility to entertain any:
Corporate function, Anniversary, Banquet, Retirement, Holiday or Theme Event, Birthday, Black & White Ball, Fundraiser, Reunion, Crab Feed, fraternity/sorority parties ~or~ Prom.
Basically any location, with a dance floor and people that want to dance, should consider checking out Jeff's Demo (video-of-past-events).

DEMO VIDEO available by appointment only!
Call Jeff (925) 778-3764

Traveling is a normal part of being a Full-Time Professional.
Most of Jeff's clients live in the following cities:
San Francisco, Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette.
Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Pittsburg, Antioch, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, Martinez, Vallejo, Vacaville, Benicia, Marin.
Danville, Alamo, Blackhawk, Diablo, Diablo Valley, San Ramon, Bishop Ranch, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, Hayward, Castro Valley.
San Jose, Redwood City, Mountain View, Milpitas, Daily City, Fremont.
Marin, Novato, Napa Valley, Napa, Sonoma, Vacaville, Fairfield. Mill Valley, San Rafael.

SCRIPTION: DJs San Francisco Bay Area Mobile DJ & MC. Music variety from classical wedding ceremony music to popular dance music entertainment for wedding receptions, events, corporate parties in Northern CA.

GEOGRAPHIC AREAS - Cities - Communities - Neighborhoods & Places which Jeff commonly provides entertainment to: East & West Bay Area ии West Bay ии North Bay ии South Bay Area ии Peninsula ии North Bay ии Alameda County ** ии Contra Costa County ** ии Lake County ** ии Marin County ** ии Monterey County ** ии Napa County ** ии Sacramento County ** ии San Francisco County ** ии San Mateo County ** ии Santa Clara County ** ии Santa Cruz County ** ии Solano County **/ Sonoma County **/ Stanislaus County ** I provide entertainment regularly & anywhere in the following Area Codes: area code 925 area code - area code 707 area code - area code 415 area code - area code 510 area code, area code 650 area code, area code 408 area code - area code 209 area code - Interactive professional host, who can customize his many years of experience to any gathering into a celebration. I also record ceremonies on disc. I deliver more than you pay for. - Parties Weddings Entertaiment - Jeff makes a great Dinner-Dance, Awards banquet & fundraiser mc/host. You won't need spend extra your hard earned money on a coordinator during your reception. Jeff is a highly experienced wedding coordinator & host. Free Event consulting and planning is available. Ask Jeff for A List of Wedding Reception Site Lists - A List of Wedding Ceremony Location Lists - A List of Wedding Caterers List - A List of Event Caterers List - A List of Wedding Photographers List - A List of Limousine Drivers - A List of Wedding Entertainers (Facepainters, Characture Artists, ETC.) - Balloon Decor - Party Decorations - Discount Party Rentals - Wholesale Party Supplies - Places for Parties in the Bay Area - Places for weddings in the Bay Area - Places for Receptions in the Bay Area - Places for Wedding Receptions in the Bay Area & much much more. Jeff is based in the SF East Bay and serves all of the BAY AREA communities & beyond."AKA" - Professional Mobile DJ Entertainer ~~ Coordinator/Planner ~~ Host ~~ Master of Ceremonies ~~ M.C. ~~ MC ~~ Emcee ~~ Entertainer ~~ Motivator ~~ Dance Instructor ~~ Dee Jay ~~ DeeJay ~~ DeeJayz ~~ Dejay ~~ Djay ~~ Mobile DJ ~~ East Bay DJ ~~ Anniversary DJ ~~ mitzvah DJ ~~ Planner ~~ Consultant ~~ Wedding Coordinator ~~ PartyAndWeddingDJ ~~ D.J. - DJ for Hire -- Need a DJ -- Need a Party DJ -- DJ for my party -- Want a DJ -- DJ for Party -- DJ for my wedding -- DJ for Party in California - DJ for Party in Bay Area -- DJ for party in East Bay -- DJ's for Party in East Bay -- How to hire a DJ -- Tips for hiring a DJ -- bay area dj house parties -- House Party DJ -- Wedding House Party -- DJ House Party -- Birthday DJ -- DJ Birthdays -- Bay area Disc Jockeys -- Disc Jockey for Hire -- Need a Disc Jockey -- Need a Party Disc Jockey -- Disc Jockey for Party -- Disc Jockey for my party -- Want a Disc Jockey -- Disc Jockey for my wedding - Disc Jockey for Party in California -- Disc Jockey for Party in Bay Area -- Disc Jockey for Party in East Bay -- Disc Jockeys for Party in East Bay -- How to hire a Disc Jockey -- How to hire a DJ -- Tips for hiring a Disc Jockey - DJ in the SF Bay Area -- DJ in Concord, CA -- DJ in Walnut Creek, CA -- DJ in Danville, CA -- DJ in Pleasanton, CA -- DJ in Pleasant Hill, CA -- DJ in Martinez, CA -- DJ in San Jose -- DJ's in San Jose -- DJ in the Napa Area - DJ's in the SF Bay Area -- Bay area DJ's -- Concord DJ's -- Walnut Creek DJ's -- Danville DJ's -- Pleasanton DJ's -- Pleasant Hill DJ's -- Martinez DJ's -- SF Bay area DJ's -- San Jose DJ's -- San Jose DJs -- Napa DJ's - DJ services in Concord DJ, DJ Services in Walnut Creek DJ, DJ services in Walnut Creek DJ, DJ services in Pleasanton DJ, DJ Services in Pleasant Hill DJ, DJ services in Martinez DJ, DJ services in San Jose DJ, DJ services in SF Bay Area DJ, Wedding DJ, Wedding DJ's, Party DJ, Party DJ's, Disk Jockey, My Party DJ -- My wedding DJ -- My DJ -- Top DJ -- Most Referred DJ -- Best DJ -- Best DJs -- Mobile DJ Services -- DJ mobile Service -Bay Area wedding DJs -- Bay Area Party DJs -- Bay Area Party Disc Jockey - DJ Entertainers in California -- DJ Entertainers SF Bay Area - East bay northern california -- Northern California Wedding DJs -- Northern California Party DJs -- DJ in East Bay -- DJ East Bay -- Easy Bay DJ -- Wedding Specialist -- Wedding DJ Specialist -- DJ Play List -- DJ Song List -- Wedding reception DJ Play List -- Wedding Receptions Bay Area -- Wedding Reception Host -- Wedding Reception Coordinator -- Wedding Reception Planner -- Wedding Games -- Wedding reception Games -- Wedding Reception icebreakers -- Wedding Reception ice breakers -- disc jockey games -- DJ Games -- Wedding banquet games -- wedding party reception games -- Wedding Video Demo -- Wedding DJ Video Demo - Wedding Music Video Demo -- Reception Area -- bay area wedding music bay area wedding entertainment bay area wedding entertainment wedding entertainment services bay area wedding entertainment services wedding music services bay area wedding music serviceswedding reception services bay area wedding reception services Northern CA wedding dj northern CA wedding dj northern california wedding dj - Bay Area Wedding DJ in the Bay area, Wedding DJ in the Bay Area, Wedding DJ in the East Bay, Host Coordinator, Anniversary, Reunion, Fundraiser, SF Bay Area, San Francisco. Contra Costa County, Walnut Creek, Danville, Brentwood, San Ramon, San Jose. California ~ SFBayAreaDJ ~ Party DJs ~ Wedding DJs - conventions, bar mitzvahs, commitment ceremony, commitment ceremonies, holy union, holy unions, Northern California, music, parties, cruises, rock, rocknroll, anniversary, anniversaries, birthday, luau, sock-hop, reunion, fund raiser, auction.

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